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Please find below some kind words people have said about our services and our team. If you have a question please contact us.

Thank you for all of the help in the last year regarding 12 Eton Place, I hope your next tenants are as well behaved as us!

I would like to thank you again for assisting me with our son Mike move in, you help is very much appreciated.

Yue Sheng
Thank you for your countless attention, care and concern to all of us who stayed at 49 Bayswater Road! May all of you stay lively and bubbly! Be always happy!

To all the lovely girls at Home and Student Link, A little note to say thank you for looking after us this year, it has made living with you far easier, knowing how understanding and friendly you all are. I will always recommend you and will miss you

Had a delightful experience with home and student link

I would like to thank you and Home & Student Link on the whole for being such good and reliable agents for us this past year! We really appreciate the efforts you all went to sort out the various issues that we encountered

We had a lovely house and it was in a great location. We got what we paid for really and everything was there that you said was going to be there

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