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Alexandra Place
6 room/s - North Hill
Ref: AL05
Post Code: PL4 7JP
2 bathroom6 bedroomsgarden

Alton Road * 1 room remaining *
5 room/s - North Hill
Ref: ALT14
Post Code: PL4 6HX
1 bathroominternet access5 bedroomsgarden

Beaumont Place * 1 Room Available NOW!!*
1 room/s - Plymouth
Ref: BE14
Post Code: PL4 8EA
1 bathroom5 bedrooms

Central Park Towers
1 room/s - Pennycomequick
Ref: CPT
Post Code: pl4 6NW
1 bathroom1 bedrooms

Cheltenham Place * 1 Room Remaining*
3 room/s - Mutley
Ref: CH24F
Post Code: PL4 7DZ
1 bathroominternet access3 bedroomsgarden

Clifton Place
1 room/s - North Hill
Ref: CLI31
Post Code: PL4 8HX
1 bathroom4 bedrooms

Furzehill Road *Available NOW!*
5 room/s - Nr Mutley
Ref: FUR34
Post Code: PL4 7JZ
2 bathroominternet access5 bedrooms

Hill Park Crescent
4 room/s - North Hill
Ref: HI53
Post Code: PL4 8JW
1 bathroominternet access4 bedroomsgarden

Hill Park Crescent
1 room/s - North Hill
Ref: HI20F2
Post Code: PL4 8JP
1 bathroominternet access1 bedrooms

Hill Park Crescent (exclusive offers!)
6 room/s - North Hill
Ref: HIL36
Post Code: PL4 8JP
2 bathroominternet access6 bedrooms
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